Hello there, we are Heidi and Hallbery, print designers from London. We create gutsy designs, that stop people dead in the street. We're responsible for the sort of prints you have to wrestle back into your drawer after you take them off at night. In fact, we don't let a design out the door unless it makes your little tongue fizz, pop and sizzle like licking a sherbet dib-dab. Each print is hand drawn or painted, then we hook it up to the mains and pump some big colours into them. This is design for the Fauve; design for the Wild Beasts, and this is just the beginning.

When it comes to production, we whole heartedly support UK manufacturers, so each scarf is printed right here on British soil and the hems are hand rolled just north of Leeds.

Our collection was shot by our friend and associate Mr. Benedict Morgan and the sets were designed by Ms. Gemma Thérèse Pearce. For updates, you can follow us on Facebook & Instagram, or join the mailing list here. For stocking, sales or saying hello, email us at heidiandhallberydesign@gmail.com. Feel free to have a nose around, we hope you like what we have done with the place.

Thanks for stopping by,